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Energy from thin air – Drayson Technologies agrees first licence of FreevoltTM

17th December 2015

17.12.15 – The future of sustainable wireless energy is now upon us, as PA Consulting Group becomes the first organisation to be granted a Freevolt licence from Drayson Technologies. The deal will see PA Consulting work with Drayson Technologies to unlock a world of devices that are powered by ambient radio frequency (RF) energy across the consumer, business and healthcare markets. This deal comes less than three months after the launch of Freevolt; the ground breaking technology that harvests electricity from RF signals, creating the first viable power source of its kind.

The compact and lightweight Freevolt harvester absorbs energy from multiple RF signals, including Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G and digital broadcasts, enabling low energy devices such as sensors, beacons, security tags or wearables to be Perpetually PoweredTM or to vastly extend the time between battery changes or charges. In doing so, Freevolt unlocks versatile new applications for low energy Internet of Things devices, as they no longer require a charging cable and can be hermetically sealed.

The first commercial application of Freevolt, the CleanSpaceTM Tag, a personal air quality sensor created by Drayson Technologies, with support from PA Consulting, has already received 3,000 pre-orders which will start shipping to customers in December. PA Consulting will seek to expand the number of Freevolt applications as it works with its extensive list of global partners and clients to explore ways Freevolt technology can be integrated into devices across consumer, manufacturing, security, healthcare, transport, logistics and life sciences markets.

Lord Drayson, CEO, Drayson Technologies, said: “For designers and developers, Freevolt offers a totally new approach to powering the Low Energy Internet of Things. PA Consulting recognises this and – as the first licensee of Freevolt – we will be working closely with them to use Freevolt to reshape the future of connected devices. Since the launch at the end of September, we have been inundated with requests from thousands of leading technology companies and innovators to become part of our developer programme.”

Frazer Bennett, technology expert, PA Consulting Group said: “Our work helping to launch the CleanSpace Tag was the first step in bringing Freevolt technology to prominence and we will continue to be at the vanguard of Freevolt applications. There is enormous potential in what Freevolt technology is capable of and we believe it can become a global standard for RF energy harvesting. We’re excited to start working with our international base of clients and Freevolt to unlock new possibilities across a wide range of sectors and really make a difference.”