Inductive Power Transfer

The Problem

Wireless power transfer – or Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) – is the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical device without the use of cord conductors. IPT has the potential to deliver major advancements in industries where there is an operational need to supply power through an air gap, without the need for current-carrying wires. IPT can provide power from an AC/DC source to compatible batteries or devices without physical connectors or wires and can be used in a myriad of applications in a range of challenging environments.

Our Solution

Freevolt’s inductive power technology enables industry-leading wireless power transfer solutions. The technology improves energy transfer efficiency, while reducing the size and weight of both the transmitter and the receiver. Freevolt’s IPT system blocks provide the flexibility to the different modules of the system that allows us to achieve bespoke designs and specifications for each application. This provides the ability to have highly efficient scalable systems in terms of both power (mWs up to kWs) and form factors.

Freevolt IPT prototype systems continue to decrease the size and weight of the transmitter and the receiver while being embedded into customer systems.

IPT Benefits

Reliable and efficient

Freevolt IPT solutions have a high link efficiency, as well as a high end-to-end system efficiency.

High tolerance

The Freevolt IPT system is capable of operating efficiently through variable offsets, separation distances and angular misalignments in challenging environments.


Freevolt IPT uses air cored coils - with no ferromagnetic material - developed using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to ensure a lightweight and cost-effective system. This makes the technology easy to integrate into volume constrained applications.

Broad power

The Freevolt IPT solution is able to transfer power wirelessly from mW’s up to kW’s depending on the specific application.

System flexibility

Freevolt IPT can be setup in a broad range of flexible form factors that can integrate into a wide variety of applications including hermetically sealed devices.


The Freevolt IPT system can be operational across a wide range of operating frequencies (from 100s of kHz to MHz) and high-power densities.


By eliminating the physical limitations of connectors (such as corrosion on contact points, wear and tear etc), IPT offers a more robust product to design manufacturers.

Cost effective

Reduces costs associated with maintaining and replacing mechanical connectors.

Wireless Power Applications


Operating in adverse environments, where corrosion and safety issues are proactively controlled, is a key element in the Aerospace industry. With the capability to power system blocks and full systems, Freevolt IPT tackles these challenges ensuring safety as well as system reliability.


Freevolt IPT has the potential to transform future warfare and alleviate the battlefield battery burden for both soldiers, manned and unmanned vehicles on land, in the air, and undersea. Applications include contactless charging of drones and UAVs, powered backpacks and detachable systems, removing the need for traditional wiring looms.

Industrial Devices

Machinery and devices in the industrial sector are often challenged by the constraints of using high power cables and the associated safety considerations. Freevolt IPT technology tackles this by enabling manufacturers, systems integrators, and OEMs to operate contactless rotational machinery, systems and sensors, making equipment more durable.


Freevolt IPT has been developed for wearables for a diverse range of applications that operate in the most stringent environments. Having a flexible technology that can be easily integrated into the device or garment, and is capable of ensuring a seamless user experience, is not only an advantage but a key USP.