Designed by clinicians, focused on patients, powered by AI.

We are a digital healthcare company that develops regulated medical products and services using artificial intelligence.

The Problem

Globally, chronic diseases are on the rise assisted by rapid urbanisation, sedentary lifestyles, changing diets, and rising obesity levels. By 2020, 50% of global health care expenditures, about $4 trillion, will be spent on three leading causes of death: cardiovascular diseases, cancer and respiratory diseases1.

In the UK, chronic diseases account for 50 per cent of all GP appointments, 64 per cent of all outpatient appointments, over 70 per cent of all inpatient bed days, and around 70% of NHS costs2.

Clinician led innovation is critical for managing chronic diseases but finding the right commercial model to bring these innovations to market at scale can be a real challenge.

1. Source: DELOITTE: 2017 Global Health Sciences Outlook Report
2. Source: The King’s Fund, Long Term Conditions and Multi-morbidity Report 2012

Our Solution

We are a digital healthcare company that works in partnership with world-class medical practitioners and healthcare providers to develop robust clinical evidence to the highest ethical and patient privacy standards to deliver AI powered regulated digital tools that improve health.

Founded on four principles:


Working in partnership and sharing the wealth created with our partners in the public sector.

Patient care

Putting patient care first; enabling excellent clinicians equipped with excellent tools to deliver excellent care.

Clinician led design

Clinician-led product design, that patients and clinicians love to use.


Built to an architecture and regulatory standard that enables world-wide deployment - but invented, deployed and validated in the NHS first.

A new approach that integrates patient care with scientific discovery.

A Ground-breaking Partnership in Digital Health

A great example of our principles being applied is the ground-breaking Strategic Research Agreement (SRA) that we signed with the University of Oxford (OU) and the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH).

The SRA will create a pathway for the production of world-class digital health products invented by OU and OUH and then commercialised globally by Drayson Health. This agreement will benefit patients across the NHS and overseas, and allows some of the profits to go back into the University of Oxford and the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to fund more research and ultimately benefit more patients.

Winner 2017 Oxford Academic Health Science Network Best Public-Private Collaboration Award.

"This project is a very worthy winner of our 2017 Best Public-Private Collaboration award. It encapsulates everything this prize was set up to reward. The partnership across the research and innovation pathway has been at the heart of this clinically-led initiative from day one."

Professor Gary Ford, Chief Executive of Oxford AHSN

As part of this agreement we will commercialise three digital health products, SEND, GDm-health and EDGE. These digital health products have undergone clinical testing and validation involving over 100,000 patients and generated over 20 million data records to date.