Founded in 2015, the Drayson Technologies Group has evolved at pace and now has three businesses. Our Digital Health business provides excellent healthcare for people suffering from one or more of the big three chronic diseases wherever they are. Our Freevolt business aims to create a scalable technology that enables innovative wireless charging solutions, unlocking new functionality and transforming the way we consume energy. Finally, our third business is called Sensyne, which is our proprietary intelligence hub for sensor networks that uses machine learning to calibrate sensor networks ensuring their data remains accurate and reliable over time.

Drayson Technologies is a privately held UK limited company (Company Number 08618486). The Company headquarters are in London, with its Health business unit based in Oxford.

Our Team have deep expertise in health, technology and data businesses and have built multiple £500m+ technology businesses over the past 15 years with successful exits through IPO and M&A. We also love and thrive working at speed, so much so that we have a few World Land Speed Records.


Paul & Elspeth Drayson are serial technology entrepreneurs having founded several successful enterprises over the past 20 years in biosciences and other fields. In 2012 they pioneered high performance electric drivetrain technology, building the world’s fastest sub 1000kg electric racing car, setting 3 FIA world records, 4 British land speed records and developing a number of innovative technologies in collaboration with major OEMs as a result. The publicity associated with this work led to an invitation for Paul to visit Imperial College to see some of the research being done there in the field of automotive technology and in particular wireless power.

At this meeting Manuel Pinuela presented the work he was doing as part of a 7 year research programme at the University in the fields of inductive power transfer and radio frequency energy harvesting. Manuel was partially funded by the Mexican government to undertake his PhD research at Imperial.

In early 2013 Paul & Elspeth explored with Manuel the possibility of him staying in the UK post completion of his PhD and began talking about the creation of a new business to commercialise his research. Negotiations with Imperial regarding the creation of this business and transfer of the intellectual property owned by the University commenced at that time.

In April 2014 Drayson Technologies Limited was formed with Elspeth, Manuel and Paul as Founders and Imperial College and the Imperial academic inventors assigning relevant intellectual property to the Company. The Drayson Family led a Series A “friends & family” funding round into the business in July 2014 which provided £2.6m initial capital to fund the R&D work to commercialise the technology and commence development of the first product.

During this fund-raising the management team was further developed and work began in earnest to develop the technology and to write a fully researched business plan. Progress in technology development was rapid and a business plan was completed to enable a Series B fund-raising to commence in November 2014. The Series B round was led by Woodford Funds and Lansdowne Partners, raising £16.5m in a first tranche in April 2015 and a second tranche of £8m raised in April 2016. During all rounds significant investment was received from investors known to Dr Pinuela based in Mexico and the business has developed a strong footprint with partners and customers in LATAM as a result.

The business has developed since formation with a clear commitment to environmental sustainability and an engineering philosophy of energy efficiency that has underpinned the Company’s approach to technology development and led to several breakthroughs in network software and wireless charging. The business has also benefitted from the creation of a diverse and highly skilled workforce, drawn from all over the world. At the last count the team comprised members from 14 different countries, many with postgraduate qualifications and all sharing a commitment to the creation of technology that improves peoples lives and lays the foundation for a profitable and growing business that makes a positive impact on the world.