CleanSpace is an IoT sensor network to monitor air pollution that uses machine-learning to create hyper-local air pollution information to enable people to “see the air they breathe” and to help enterprises and governments improve public health.

CleanSpace App & Tag

CleanSpace Tag measures CO and Temperature, for both indoor and outdoor environments. App uses the smartphone’s GPS to provide accurate location information to map air pollution exposure. App available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Scientifically Tested

The CleanSpace Tags have been tested by the Environmental Research Group at King’s College London and the National Physical Laboratory. Download our data sheet to read about the findings.



Smart buildings

The Tags measure near-real-time indoor temperature and air quality data and they are deployed as a standalone network without the need for integrating into building IT and control systems.

Smart cities

Environmental gas sensors can be integrated into physical objects such as bicycles to generate hyper-local air pollution data for local governments and smart city projects


The Tags can be used by scientific and medical researchers, as well as healthcare companies, to show a link between personal air pollution and health conditions such as asthma, allergies, COPD or heart failure.